Go Nuts For This Ferrero Roche Cocktail Available For Limited Time

Friday night drinks just became sweeter than ever.


As we reach the middle of the year and everything starts to feel a little bit routine, it becomes necessary to find Adelaide treasures that add a bit of delicious crunch and indulgence to the end of the week.

Well, we have found that special something.

And it comes in the form of a Ferrero Roche Cocktail.

Somerset Hotel have introduced this delectable creation to this cocktail list just this week.

“We had all these left over chocolates from Mother’s Day and to stop the staff eating them all we thought we’d add them too a cocktail,” they say.

The cocktail consists of frangelico, Baileys and vodka with the ferrero rocher placed on top.

It is available all of June for $10.

Somerset Hotel is at 505 Bridge Road, Para Hills.

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