Epically off-grid cabins have just launched into Kangaroo Island’s remote wilderness

Unyoked, a pioneer in off-grid hospitality has launched its first South Australian cabins amid Kangaroo Island’s remote wilderness

Cabin: Lyra | Photo credit: @steve_jl_photography

What do you think when you hear of an “epically off-grid” location? Are you packing your compass, swag and camel? Thankfully, when Unyoked throws out this claim, you know they’re talking of comfort within the security of a solid, sustainably built cabin powered by the sun and a passion for minimal-impact living.

Unyoked, an Australian-owned business and pioneer in this unique style of off-grid hospitality, recently expanded its unique offering of off-grid cabin accommodations, introducing its first three South Australian locations on Kangaroo Island.

These cabins promise a rejuvenating escape into nature, offering a unique opportunity to replenish away from the hustle and bustle of the city and suburbs. Nestled amid the seclusion of Antechamber Bay, visitors will find themselves immersed in one of the country’s most biodiverse regions.

The cabins have been named in honour of Lyra, Rae, and Xanthe, three characters the owners met on their travels who embodied the “unyoked way of life”, and celebrated in the cabins descriptions on their website, such as this one:

“We met Xanthe on top of a grassy hill looking over Edinburgh. She had this undeniable solace in her eyes, it seemed like she’d seen it all. She took our hand as we walked slowly through the grass. It was smooth yet coarse around the edges. We reckon this locale is just like her, stirringly wild with a heart of gold.”

Note to self: Be more like Xanthe, she’s got this life sussed.

Cabin: Xanthe | Photo credit: @steve_jl_photography

Moving on:

Each cabin offers a unique retreat into nature, boasting access to 4km of private beach and an environment rich with native flora and fauna.

According to Cam Grant, co-founder of Unyoked, the new South Australian sites have been designed to enhance the connection with nature.

“Our first South Australian cabins, tucked in our most unique location yet on Kangaroo Island, offer an incredible way for locals and travellers seeking meaningful experiences to discover just how powerful a dose of nature can really be.”

Unyoked cabins boast sustainable features like solar power, rainwater usage, wood fire heating, and composting toilets, all of which contribute to a minimal environmental footprint.

Despite their remote location, the cabins are highly accessible. They are just 2-3 hours from Adelaide and a mere 20 minutes from the Penneshaw Ferry terminal on Kangaroo Island, making them ideal for a getaway that combines convenience with a feeling of seclusion.

Cabin: Rae | Photo credit: @steve_jl_photography

Since its inception in 2016 with a single cabin, Unyoked has rapidly expanded its footprint globally. Now operating over 110 locations across Australia, New Zealand, and the UK, the company has massively grown, connecting people with nature in an easy and effective way.

Unyoked believes in the wellness benefits of nature, spending time in natural environments can significantly lower stress and anxiety, enhance thinking, and deepen personal connections.

According to Chris Grant, co-founder of Unyoked,

“Nature is scientifically proven to physically reduce stress and anxiety, improve thinking, and increase connection to yourself and others. But the idea of going on a multi-day hike or camping isn’t for everyone. Our cabins provide an easy way to access the powerful benefits of nature regularly and create the reset button for modern life a lot of us are searching for.”

Unyoked’s creative brand strategies include collaborations with Matthew McConaughey, a Writer’s Anthology and the creation of their own record label in partnership with Apple, featuring music inspired by their locations’ serene, creative environment.

Additionally, the company has engaged in academic pursuits, like publishing a crowdsourced scientific whitepaper with All Trails, the world’s largest outdoor platform, as a vital source of evidence of nature’s impact on modern life.

For more info, or to unplug and revive, head to Unyoked’s Kangaroo Island Reservations page.

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