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Go On A Tour (From Your Couch) To Kangaroo Island This Easter

Explore Kangaroo Island with this fantastic Facebook live stream event this Easter Monday.


Written by Ryneisha Bollard

A Kangaroo Island business is inviting us all to be tourists from the comfort of our own homes by checking out its Facebook live stream event this Easter Monday. 

Tour company Exceptional Kangaroo Island will host a live cross to Cygnet River from 7.30am ACST and promises to focus on the local koala population. 

Judging from last week’s debut video from Reeves Point, viewers can expect to see beautiful shots of the island landscape and its wildlife.

In the 15-minute video, Exceptional Kangaroo Island Managing Director Craig Wickham provides a calming and informative voiceover to stunning footage of local birds gathered by the beach.

It’s the escape we all need in times like these – with Craig even reflecting on how the way the birds co-operated to find fish as a metaphor for how we should all be supporting each other during these tough times.

Craig, a former wildlife manager, invited anyone with questions or suggestions to contact Exceptional Island as they were planning to make the live streams a weekly series.

“We’re just trying to give a sense of what it’s like living on Kangaroo Island or as a place for yourselves or your guests to visit,” he said.

Ideas for upcoming live stream events include everything from how the local ecosystem is doing after the summer bushfires through to how to cook a great fish barbecue. 

Established in 1986, Exceptional Kangaroo Island is the longest running tour company on Kangaroo Island and offers group, luxury and special interest touring experiences.

The business is located at 1139 Playford Highway, Cygnet River. To find out more, visit the website: www.exceptionalkangarooisland.com 

For the live stream at 7.30am ACST on Easter Monday, visit the Facebook page: Exceptional Kangaroo Island


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