GoFundMe launched for SA family whose home was stolen

After having their temporary home stolen from their property, the Evitts family now have a GoFundMe to help them find a place to live while they build their new house.

The Evitts family are just like any family. They’re hard working, honest, and want to create a great life for their kids. So, when they set out to build a new house, and had plans to live in a shed on the same property while construction went on, they never thought it would be stripped away from them overnight.

Several weeks ago, Amy and Joel Evitts had the large shed delivered to their property. When the installer didn’t turn up a week later, an opportunist stole the shed right from the site with what had to have been a truck and forklift, given the size and weight of the construction equipment.

The culprits not only robbed the Evitts family of their temporary home with nowhere to stay, but also left a path of destruction behind them on the neighbouring property.

Unfortunately for the family of five, there is no insurance for the stolen property granted it’s essentially just a block of land and not a completed build, leaving them with a big debt and nothing to show for it.

Australian’s are a caring bunch, and in times of great distress are always the first to dig deep and support each other. The Kangaroo Island bushfires, the Queensland floods, and even the ‘Parma for a Farmer’ movement that saw schnitzel sales at local pubs going to aid rural Australians doing it tough are all excellent examples of this.

In true South Aussie spirit, a kind soul has created a GoFundMe page for the Evitts family, and we can’t help but encourage everyone to give what they can to support them.

To support the Evitts family, you can donate direct to them by clicking here.

If you do have any information regarding the stolen property, please reach out to the police.

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