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Golden Arches: How To Save Your Eyebrows!

Keep your brow game strong with these tips on how to save them when you have gone too far…

Eyebrows. They really do make a difference to a person’s face. They shape and frame your face, balance your features and enhance your eyes… Yeah, they are all pretty important things. But, we have all been there, to that place. The point of what seems like no return. We have all had an eyebrow disaster.

These days people do seem much more brow conscious. With eyebrow inspo coming from people such as Cara Delevingne and Brooke Shields – type in ‘Famous Eyebrows’ on Google and they pop up straight away – there is a new found love and passion for perfecting those brows.

So, what do you do if you have gone too far? Well we have gone straight to the experts to find out how we can undo the terrible sin of over plucking. The amazing ladies at Medicine of Cosmetics and makeup artist Leah Metaxas may just have the answers, here are their tips to saving your brows:

The geniuses over at Medicine of Cosmetics use a Micro Blading technique which gives the look of natural hair by using a hand tool and the skill of their Tattoo Technicians Laura and Emma. You can wake up with beautiful eyebrows 24/7 without the daily annoyance and time consuming effort of penciling them in every day.
Your brows can be subtly coloured or completely remodelled as each new strand is intricately etched and coloured by hand. They are also specialists in recreating natural looking brows for chemotherapy patients and alopecia sufferers. Now that is pretty amazing stuff.

Featherstroke Brows

Got yourself some thin, gappy or or over plucked brows, then this may be your new number one! Feather stroke brow tattoo embroidery is a semi-permanent tattoo technique. So basically that means that fine hair-like strokes are penetrated into the skin for a realistic hair look finish. Not the tattooed eyebrows you might have been picturing! The appearance is completely natural and blends with or without hair along the brow bone. After four weeks, a shadow of colour can also be applied to deepen the colour of the brows. This technique can even be used just to give your brows a new shape!

MOC Signature Brows

Want that defined brow look? Why wouldn’t you it is so on trend. That heavy set, fluffy and full brow look can be achieved with this unique blend of techniques which add shaded colour and hair strokes to the whole brow. Look at Cara, we are coming for you!

Hollywood Brows

Sometimes it isn’t the middle that is the issue, it is the arch or the ends… Well this technique using a combination of featherstroke and powder look finish will sort out those problems, pronto!

A lady after her eyebrow treatment at Medicine Of Cosmetics. Amazing results.

A lady after her eyebrow treatment at Medicine Of Cosmetics. Amazing results.


Now these tips are totally amazing if you aren’t into the daily grind of putting on your makeup and worrying about filling in those brows (really, who can be bothered)? But if you do want to stick with the makeup option then you better at least get it right!

Leah’s tips are:


Fill in those brows with a powder that matches your eyebrow colour. Don’t go too dark or too light, the colour difference will be very obvious. The good thing about powder is that it is more simple to remove, making it easier to remove a little if you feel that you have gone too far.


Looking for something that will last from day to night – then an eyebrow pencil may be your answer. With its longevity comes the necessity to understand how to feather. You need to lightly flick the pencil into your brows, not draw lines heavy handedly. That will end up in that uber obvious ‘drawn on brow’ look. Leah suggests you do a little practicing at home.

See an expert

Don’t feel like you can’t go and ask the experts. There are actual eyebrow specialists in Adelaide who do this everyday. They will look at your face and ‘map’ it to get your eyebrows into the best shape that suits you.

Don’t go with the trend

You might love that heave eyebrow look on Cara but does it actually suit your face? Like certain clothes that might not suit you, a certain eyebrow ‘style’ is similar. If your face can’t hack the heavy eyebrow trend, then do what suits you. Your face will look all the better for it.

And there you go… eyebrows saved!

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