Golden Gaytime cronut cannolis on offer in North Adelaide

Beloved ice cream snack Golden Gaytime is available in cronut cannoli form thanks to a North Adelaide bakery. 

Photos: Bakery on O’Connell.

Beloved ice cream snack Golden Gaytime is available in cronut cannoli form thanks to North Adelaide’s iconic Bakery on O’Connell. 

The decadent treat consists of deep-fried croissant dough in the shape of cannoli filled with toffee honeycomb custard and topped with biscuit crumbs and chocolate… Yum!

While fun items like this are often only available for a limited time only at local bakeries, Bakery on O’Connell has this treat as part of their every day menu. And, if you’re not familiar with the popular sweets shop, we should probably let you know that the bakery is open all day, every day, so you can get your favourite treats literally 24/7. 

(However, they do still have specials, like this amazing-looking, limited edition s’mores cronut!)

In addition to Golden Gaytime, other cronut cannoli flavours include Mars Bar filled with Mars Bar cheesecake filling and topped with the candy, as well as the “Polly Waffle” filled with marshmallow and topped with Belgian chocolate and wafer.

They also have more savoury items, such as pies (even cheeseburger pies!), pasties, kranskies, parmis, quiche, breakfast meals, baguette lunches, and lots of vegetarian options, such as mushroom casserole and Thai spicy rolls. The popular bakery is also well known for their frappes, smoothies, and other iced drinks. 

For Golden Gaytime cronut cannolis (or… basically any other treat you could ever think up!) at any time of day or night, head to North Adelaide’s iconic Bakery on O’Connell.

Find Bakery on O’Connell at 128-130 O’Connell St. North Adelaide.

Find them online here.

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