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Goodness Coffee Co. is one of Aldinga’s most charming cafés

Goodness Coffee Co. is a quaint tin shed café in Aldinga serving up all things great and wholesome including croissants from France.

Image credit: Cooper James Stankovich

Goodness Coffee Co. is a quaint tin shed café in Aldinga serving up all things great and wholesome.

Damien and Carly Loiterton were the original owners who opened Goodness Coffee Co. as a roastery 4 years ago. They then introduced food, building the space into a thriving and popular café.

With brother and sister duo JoJo Krause and Angel Benjamin taking over the café a few months ago, they are bringing some fresh ideas to the space.

“Angel and I had been working there when the opportunity came to take over the café,” JoJo said.

“They wanted to pass it on to staff to keep on the tradition. We didn’t want to change too much but we’ve got a garden area that hadn’t been used, so we are using that more for costumers to enjoy.

“We want to turn it into a function space, and a spot to use for music events over summer.”

The duo have made a few menu changes while keeping popular classics that the locals know and love.

“Our biggest things are our croissants,” JoJo said.

“We do ham and cheese and almond and more – coffee and croissant who wouldn’t want that?

“Then we do vegan pies, pastries and cakes and we are going to add open sandwiches to the menu.”

With the small kitchen, JoJo said they are hoping to make the most of the space they have. They source ingredients locally as much as possible, while the croissants are from France – the “capital of croissants”, JoJo puts it perfectly.

While the shed was initially used as an onsite roaster, the old owners have taken this offsite now roasting at Hindmarsh Tiers; Goodness Coffee Co. still uses these beans to serve up the classic flavours that the regulars have grown to love.

“It’s a diverse range of folk we get in – the local community love to come in,” JoJo said.

“Consistency in quality is important to us, so people being able to come and have a simple menu to choose from where they aren’t overwhelmed is what we are aiming for.

“What we do, we do well. It’s about putting out good quality food and coffee.”

Goodness Coffee Co. is located at 24 Old Coach Rd, Aldinga.

It is open Monday – Saturday 7am – 2pm, and Sunday 8am – 2pm.

You can find out more on their website or follow Goodness Coffee Co. on Facebook and Instagram.

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