Googly eye bandits strike again

Have you noticed these eyes of Adelaide pop up across businesses in the city?

Image credit: ABC Adelaide

Well, here’s a light and easy read to keep the spirits up!

Adelaide has become home to some interesting street ‘art’ that has popped up across some iconic faces across the city.

Gigantic ‘googly’ eyes have made their mark on businesses across Adelaide, creating an inevitable stir on social media as to where they may appear next.

Probably one of our most iconic landmarks was one of the latest targets, with the Colonel Light Memorial statue the latest victim.

Image credit: Google Eye Bandits Facebook page

The South Australian Museum also took to Facebook to share a photo of their targeted tiger exhibit, of which has since been restored to normal!

Image credit: SA Museum

KFC in Eastwood and Dan Murphy’s Norwood were the latest to be adorned in the comical eyes, with the businesses promptly taking down the talked-about attractions.

The mystery ‘artist’ has targeted branding on billboards, signs and even vans of some of the most well-known faces of big-name brands, leaving many wondering which business will be ‘watching’ us next!

Image credit: Adelaide Hills Chat

The effort of these ‘googly eye bandits’ to not only source overly-sized eyes, but to also find a way to discreetly slap them onto signage largely out of reach, has certainly not gone unnoticed.

The eyes of Adelaide are certainly one to watch (no pun intended), and let’s face it, in this time of uncertainty and ever-changing news, anything we can have a little light-hearted giggle about is welcome.

Have you seen any other eyes around Adelaide? Take a pic and send it through to [email protected].

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