Gorgeous Flowers For Every Type Of Mum This Mother’s Day

Ever wanted to buy a bouquet for your Mum didn’t flowers would fit her lifestyle or personality? Little Love Co have helped us narrow it down for Mother’s Day.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, you’re probably madly running around trying to find the perfect gift for your Mum. Do you get her chocolate, a book, a gift voucher, or the ever-popular bouquet of flowers? From personal experience, you can never go wrong with a beautiful bouquet. The biggest dilemma though, is picking the perfect type of flowers for your Mum’s lifestyle. Lucky for you, we’ve had a chat to the lovely ladies down at Little Love Co who gave us some tips on how to choose the perfect flowers for your Mum.

The Working Mum

The best flowers for the Working Mum are the kind that can withstand the office environment, thrive in an air conditioned room and are low maintenance. Having flowers from you in her office will be a constant reminder of how much she’s loved and help her power through that 3pm energy slump. Little Love Co recommends including a chrysanthemum disbud in your bouquet if your Mum’s an office whiz.

The Stay At Home Mum

Stay At Home Mums have a tough job so they don’t need tough flowers too! They need flowers that will brighten their day whenever they look at them. For this type of Mum, the ideal flowers are ones that don’t require a lot of maintenance beyond their twice daily water change, along with the occasional stem trim, and that have the ability to live indoors. The best flowers for this mum is a stunning phalaenopsis orchid stem, says Little Love Co.

The Crafty Mum

Either you have a Mum who never throw anything away, or you know one. They are always able to find a way to reuse or recycle something so it has more than one use – so why wouldn’t they do the same with their flowers? The best bouquet for this Mum is full of flowers that can be turned into other things when they wilt – from making potpourri, melting the petals inside a candle, or drying and pressing them, this Mum will find a use for it. Little Love Co’s tips for this Mum are to include Ecuadorian rose in your bouquet.

The Green Thumb Mum

Where will you find this Mum on a Sunday afternoon? Her garden. What is her most prized possession? Her garden. What should you get her a Mother’s Day present for? Her garden. This is the Mum you can get almost any type of flower for, because whether it’s high or low maintenance she’ll be able to look after it. However, how about a flower that once she’s finished with, she can then sow the seeds to feed the Monarch butterflies? Then Little Love Co recommends including swan seed balls in your bouquet to put her skills to the test.

There are plenty of other types of wonderful Mums than those we’ve included on this list, and every Mum is so different and unique it would take us years to cover them all. If your Mum isn’t mentioned and you’d like to know what the best flower for her lifestyle is, give Little Love Co a buzz on 8363 7443 or visit their website, and the lovely ladies down there will help you find the perfect bouquet for your Mum this Mother’s Day.

They’re also running a Mother’s Day special – buy a bouquet of flowers for delivery on Saturday 13 May or Sunday 14 May and you will go in the drawing to win a 2.5 hr Rainforest Body Ritual treatment experience from the talented team at Temple Day Spa valued at $250! Head to their Facebook page for more details.

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