Gotye & Kimbra Youtube Clip Featuring Emma Hack’s Artwork Hits 1 Billion Views

Adelaide artist Emma Hack has had her amazing artwork seen over 1 billion times, and that’s just in the now-famous Gotye video clip.


If you live in Adelaide, you’ve no doubt stumbled across the amazing artwork of Emma Hack. From her 2-storey woman gracing the walls of Madame Hanoi, countless live body painting features at events across SA, her exhibitions, pop up galleries, and now at her ART Bar on Stuart Street in the city, Emma Hack’s art is everywhere.You can even buy your own amazing Emma Hack print for your home.

Nowhere is it more prominent however, than in the 2011 video clip for Australian singer Gotye’s film clip for “Somebody That I Used To Know (feat. Kimbra)”.

The video clip painting in progress
A moment from the video clip. Art in motion.

The amazing (mesmerizing) clip has just been watched over 1 BILLION times, which is a pretty mind-blowing figure to wrap your mind around. You can watch it at the top of the story.

With such a staggering number of views, it puts the clip solidly in the top 100 most watched Youtube clips of all time! Hear more about the collaboration in the clip below.

And the #1 clip? Despacito by Luis Fonsi featuring Daddy Yankee. After being uploaded to Youtube in January 2017, it’s already 1 billion views ahead of its next closest rival, sitting at 4.7 billion views. Given that it was uploaded 2 years prior to the #2 most viewed clip, we’d say it’s looking to stay on top for some time to come.

Emma’s work on the wall at Madame Hanoi
Emma’s work on the wall at Madame Hanoi
Emma Hack – Royal Hanging Garden
Emma Hack – Geometric


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