Government to scrap basketball stadium and spend on health

South Australian Premier, Peter Malinauskas has announced that the Marshall Liberal governments proposed new basketball stadium funding will be instead spent on health.

In the first cabinet decision of Premier, Peter Malinauskas’ government the $662 million project will be “terminated” to pay for the state’s health needs.

With health and education at the top of the government’s agenda, Premier Malinauskas said that there were more urgent priorities in the state.

“We have a very big policy agenda when it comes to health,” Premier Malinauskas said.

“350 new doctors, more nurses and more ambulance officers. Cabinet approved a two million campaign exercise on increasing the take-up of the third dose booster.

“If you get COVID with your third booster, the likelihood of hospitalisation dramatically reduces. By you staying out of hospital, that bed is available to another South Australian.”

$78.9 million of the projected basketball stadium project funds will assist the government in getting “shovels in the ground” and commence much needed health projects.

Labor’s plans for the capital funding allocated to the Basketball Stadium include:
– 300 extra hospital beds.
– 10 major hospital upgrades.
– Five new ambulance stations.
– 14 rebuilt, upgraded or expanded stations.
– A new ambulance headquarters.

The reopening the Noarlunga Mental Health Facility will also be on the agenda along with two million dollars from the redirected money dedicated to a new campaign to encourage the uptake of vaccinations.

COVID numbers:
Past 24 hours: 4140

2560 PCR

1580 RAT – increase on yesterdays numbers and relatively high
Three people have died and 181 are in hospital.

The Premier has reaffirmed that his government will not be extending school holidays, saying his decision is “absolute”.

But, the Premier did say that separate arrangements may need to be made for unique circumstances, such as Adelaide High School.

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