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Grab Some Cotton Candy Grapes Before Their Season Comes To An End

If you love fairy floss, grapes or just like trying new things, Cotton Candy Grapes is something you need to put on your list.

If you haven’t come across cotton candy grapes yet, you’re seriously missing out.

The sweet treat that tastes like spun sugar, but is in fact as healthy as the next grape, was originally discovered in the US but has since arrived in Australia.

Crops were planted here in 2014, and the rare grapes have been a popular hit on shelves in Coles and Woolworths ever since.

Photo: Katherine Nicholson

While some people have assumed they are genetically modified or grown in sugar-infused soils, they are in fact 100% natural, and the result of all-natural breeding processes.

So if you’re a fairy floss cover, or need a little convincing to eat your fruit, the Cotton Candy grapes might be just what you need in your life! But get in quick, as the season typically runs from mid-Feb to mid-April. 

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