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Grace, Setting Themselves Apart From The Rest With Their New Menu

A new season, a new menu, a new chef, and basically all of the reasons to get your butt to Grace!

Here at the Glam office, food is something that we get really excited about. We know you feel the same. It is like a universal love. Apart from the obvious reason (it is DELICIOUS) there is something about the way food can bring people together. Sharing in a common experience of enjoyment and general scoffing… And Grace (or previously known as Grace Establishment) at Norwood have introduced a new menu that conceptualises that idea…

Photo by Vueey Le.

Photo by Vueey Le.

Now when we hear ‘ new menu’ our mouths usually start drooling, our eyes light up and we usually get our stretchy pants at the ready, because we are all about trying out new things. And when we spoke to Sam O’Leary from the Bloody Mary Group who are behind the gorgeous venue on The Parade, he spoke beautiful, beautiful things…

We are talking an Autumn menu full of locally sourced seasonal produce, with a focus on paddock to plate style dishes that are made to share. We know the saying ‘mi casa es su casa’ but in this case it is my food is your food (if only we knew how to say that in Spanish). Sam told us that they had wanted to bring a fresh new vibe to the menu, and fresh in all respects of the word. They have said goodbye to anything deep fried and greasy and hello to clean, healthy and vibrant dishes.

Want to know what you can get your hands on? Stupid question… The menu is split into different sections just to make things nice and easy. ‘Smaller’ includes tasty morsels such as Grilled House-made Focaccia with Hummus, Tomato and Garlic Oil, or the Lime and Sugar Cured Ocean Trout with Sweet Tomato, Celery and Pink Peppercorns and the Buffalo Mozzarella with Roasted Red Grapes, Fried Marjoram and Garlic Toast. And this is where our mouths start watering…

The Barramundi

Pan Roasted WA Barramundi with BBQ Spring Onion and Scallop Salad and Soy, Sesame and Ginger

But then we continue with the ‘Larger’ section from which you could have the Pan Roasted WA Barramundi with BBQ Spring Onion and Scallop Salad and Soy, Sesame and Ginger (we tried this and would beyond recommend it) or how about the ‘Middle Eastern Style” Lamb Shoulder with Pomegranate, Mint, Dates and Tahini Yoghurt. Yeah, that is also delicious, we tried that too! Now when they say that the new menu is made for sharing they really do mean it! We made the mistake of ordering two meals for two people and we needed about six more to help us get through the generous portions!


Crispy Fried Pork Belly with Red Curry, Pineapple and Kaffir Lime

For those who are really keen on getting their share on, we would suggest you dabble in the Shared Tasting Menu option for $50pp (whole table only). Combining a selection of the ‘Smaller’, ‘Larger’ and ‘Sides’

There is also the ‘Sweet and Cheese’ section which includes a Dark Chocolate Souffle Cake with Mascarpone and Orange Caramel which has our name all over it. Plus the ‘Sides’ including Fried Potatoes with Garlic and Herb Butter. Oh god yes!

Now all of this food can’t cook itself so it is lucky that the new menu has also come with a new Head Chef (who is actually the genius behind said menu). Quentin Whittle is the man. Having worked at The Stranded Store, Magill Estate and George’s on Waymouth, he comes to Grace with an abundance of knowledge, skill and obvious talent with all things food.

Grace really are setting themselves apart from the rest of the restaurants/bars etc. in the area. Their new menu (which is perfect for a Friday lunch) can be enjoyed in their always beautiful restaurant or beer garden. And while you might think that this is all the news we have for you about Grace, you would be wrong. They are also introducing a new Sunday event (hello perfect Sunday sesh) from March 6. With DJ Anth Wendt on the decks, and Gin and Pimms jugs to keep you refreshed, and a seriously cool vibe, it will make going back to work on Monday that little bit easier (or harder).



127 The Parade, Norwood

Open 7 days

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