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Grace Under Pressure is the new suburban cellar door created for sparkling lovers

From the creators of Muster Wine Company comes Adelaide’s newest and closest cellar door focusing solely on the sparkling label.

Nestled in a strip of shops on a busy road in the suburbs of Adelaide isn’t generally where you’d expect to find a cellar door but that’s exactly where the much-loved wine label, Grace Under Pressure, now calls home.

However, Cellar Door may not be the correct term. “We describe ourselves as a ‘Sparkling Boutique’,” explains co-owner David Muster.

With a rich background in the wine industry, David started the Muster Wine Company in 2007 with the dreams of creating a sparkling but was never able to find the right area, vineyards or team to do so.

“When we decided to make sparkling, we wanted to do it properly and we wanted to follow the same principal as champagne. We needed the conditions to be as cold as possible and that led us to Mount Gambier,” he explains.

With the coldest maritime vineyard on mainland Australia, David was able to create the perfect grape but his knowledge of wine sales told him, this particular drop needed its own name; its own identity and that it couldn’t be run under the Muster Wine Co label. And so, Grace Under Pressure was born.

“The name is two-fold,” says David.  “By creation, every bottle of sparkling is under pressure and full of bubbles. It also refers to a mantra my father used to say about keeping your composure when you’re under pressure like a duck. Calm on the surface but frantically paddling underneath to carry on.”

With a new product and new brand, Grace Under Pressure needed a home. “We live in the suburbs and that’s where we wanted the home of the brand to be. We didn’t want it to be out with the vineyards in Mount Gambier or Clare and that’s when we stumbled across the Henley Beach Road shop, and it was perfect.”

A visit to the Sparkling Boutique offers a unique experience to sample the wine in a high-end, luxury feel experience – the way sparkling should always be enjoyed – but it’s less of a structured tasting and more of a ‘try before you buy’.

As the closest thing to a Cellar Door to Adelaide’s airport, it’s a great first stop for visitors coming to experience South Australia’s renowned wine regions but is also a great central location to start a day winery tour for locals as well.

“Everyone and anyone is welcome to stop past and we’re so excited to share our brand and the story with long-time friends and new ones as well,” says David.

Grace Under Pressure is located at 438 Henley Beach Road, Lockleys.

For more information visit the website and Facebook page.

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