Greek Film Festival

still from Greek film the other me

The 24th DelphiBank Greek Film Festival opened last night at Palace Nova Cinemas, with George Kordellas’s lyrical Rose of Smyrna. The Adelaide program sees five films from the program, playing over the next four days. Tonight at 6.30 pm is crime thriller The Other Me, which teams a mathematics professor with a criminologist in trying to hunt down a serial killer. Saturday at 6.30 pm is The Bachelor,  described as an Hellenic The Hangover, which swaps Vegas for Thessalonki. Following that at 9.00 pm is Xamou, which sees a mid-life crisis, with the background of Greece’s economic woes, played out in bucolic Crete. Finally on Sunday, at 7.00 pm is, appropriately enough, Cloudy Sunday telling the little-known story of Thessalonki’s Jewish community during the Second World War.

Although Adelaide is only getting a small selection of the entire program, these are five superb features. Try to catch one this weekend, or look for their general, theatrical release, in the weeks to come.

Check out the program here.

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