Green Ant Gin Shaking Up The Liquor Scene

Green Ant Gin Shaking Up The Liquor Scene

A new creation by the folks at Adelaide Hills Distillery and Something Wild has resulted in a tasty flavour sensation, that is also respectful of our Indigenous communities.


When you go to the bar and order a gin, you don’t necessarily think about where the ingredients are sourced, or how they’re sourced. Neither did the team behind Adelaide Hills Distillery, until they discovered their use of native Australian botanicals was being done in a way that was taking advantage of Australian Indigenous communities! So, they decided to try to change this.

After this realisation, the team joined with Richard Gunner of South Australia’s Something Wild to spread light on the issue of how foraged Australian indigenous and native ingredients are taken illegally, without permits and without working together with the traditional landowners.

While using foraged native ingredients in Australian products is no doubt a good (and delicious) thing, sourcing these ingredients in a way that takes advantage of our Indigenous communities is not.

After having the opportunity to seek guidance from the Motlop family of the Larrakia people, Adelaide Hills Distillery are now producing unique, Australian-inspired products with Something Wild and the support of these communities. This is a meeting of businesses that will ensure premium products that are driven by integrity, not greed! Good news for everyone!

The partnership will also help the team at Adelaide Hills Distillery to source native and Indigenous produce under permit – meaning you can be confident knowing they are doing the right thing and protecting Indigenous Australian heritage and communities, as you’re drinking their delicious gin!

Something Wild’s Australian Green Ant Gin is an exciting first release featuring several Indigenous Australian natives! Green Ants, traditionally favoured for their medicinal benefits and protein content, display vibrant flavours of coriander and kaffir lime leaf. They are further enhanced by Finger Lime, Strawberry Gum, Lemon Myrtle, Anise Myrtle, Pepper Berry and Native Juniper (Boobialla) to create a gin that is perfumed and floral with a citrus zing.

Well, doesn’t that sound nutritious, delicious and inclusive and respectful of our Indigenous communities! This is exactly the sort of good news we like to here… now where’s our glass?

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