Green light for Adelaide CBD’s $1.25B transformation with 5 tower project

Tim Gurner’s audacious $1.25 billion project in Adelaide’s CBD has been granted approval.

Adelaide’s skyline is set to look different as controversial developer Tim Gurner’s $1.25 billion project aimed at rejuvenating the former Australia Post site in the heart of the CBD has been given the green light.

The project, known as “Grote & Gouger,” envisions a vibrant urban precinct with a focus on lifestyle, wellness, local culture, and sustainability. At the 170th Meeting of the State Commission Assessment Panel (SCAP) on Wednesday, the major development at the former Australia Post site (now Kennards Self Sotrage site) at 237 Grote Street was granted planning approval.

The plan features five towers, the tallest being a 28-storey apartment building on the corner of Grote and Blenheim Street.

Architectural expression of podiums, Towers 3 and 5 (Source: Elenberg Fraser)

The project will be situated at the now Kennards Self Storage site, where SA’s Alinea Group helped put the joint venture together on behalf of the company.

”This is an exceptional milestone for Adelaide – as the State’s largest and highest value urban renewal project on record at in excess of $1billion,” Ben Koop, Principal of Alinea Group as well as SA’s leading urban renewal JV specialists and advisor to Kennards Self Storage in establishing the joint venture with GURNER, told Glam Adelaide.

“The project couldn’t be better timed to leverage the significant momentum building for the State off the back of a string of global accolades this year including Australia’s coolest City by Wall Street Journal, to 2# must visit global destination in Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2024 to Australia’s #1 restaurant, Botanic, one of the hottest hotel markets in the country and Australia’s best performing residential real estate market for 2021-2023.

“These all reflect the exceptional fundamentals of Adelaide and rapidly rising global appeal of the city and State as a world-class lifestyle destination.”

Pedestrian laneway across along ground level looking north from Tower 5 (Source: Elenberg Fraser)

The minutes on Wednesday stated: “Pursuant to Section 107(2)(c) of the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016, and having undertaken an assessment of the application against the Planning and Design Code, the application is NOT seriously at variance with the provisions of the Planning and Design Code; and “2) Development Application Number 23016483, by 237 Grote Street by Gurner Pty Ltd is granted Planning Consent subject to the following reserved matters and conditions.”

The conditions including things like a revised Stormwater Management Plan, a Waste Management Plan, Loading Management Plan, final detailed landscape plan, detailed engineering siteworks plan and water supply connection.

Designed in collaboration with Elenberg Fraser, the development sets its sights on becoming Adelaide’s most significant Carbon Neutral Project. Its mixed-use approach promises a dynamic fusion of residential, commercial, and recreational spaces, with a strong focus on food and beverage, wellness, and boutique offerings.

The development is set to include five towers, ranging from 14 to 27 levels, each contributing to a unique facet of the urban experience. At ground level, ten retail and food and beverage tenancies will set the tone for a lively atmosphere. Additionally, three commercial tenancies, including the ‘Work Club,’ will cater to the needs of businesses.

One major feature of the project is the ‘St Haven Wellness’ facility, spanning from ground level to Level 3, offering indoor recreation and health services. This wellness centre is part of Gurner Group’s broader initiative, introducing the Saint Haven wellness chain across Australia, offering a range of services from cryotherapy to medicinal treatments.

The development’s three-stage plan begins with a 220-room hotel and a 19-level mixed-use apartment tower featuring the Saint Haven wellness centre. This phase will take shape at the western end of the 1.7-hectare site.

Following this, a third apartment tower, reaching up to 27 levels, will grace the corner of Grote and Blenheim streets. The project’s grand finale involves two more apartment buildings located at the southern end of the site, completing the transformation.

The precinct will operate as a carbon-neutral entity, relying on all-electric solutions. Furthermore, the car park design incorporates at least 5% of all parking spaces equipped with EV charging stations, with provisions for future expansion.

According to the documents lodged with South Australia’s State Commission Assessment Panel (SCAP), the buildings facade draws inspiration from the rich architectural heritage of Adelaide. By carefully analysing the architectural language of the heritage structures (e.g. St Patrick’s Church, Torrens Building, etc.), the project incorporates similar design elements.

“The use of locally sourced materials not only pays homage to the region’s heritage but also contributes to the sustainability and authenticity of the façade design,” the documents outline.

An interesting note in the developments documents is the inclusion that 15% of housing will be deemed “affordable” and dispersed across Towers 2, 4, and 5. Specific cost details are yet to be disclosed.

The SCAP has also granted planning consent over 10 years so the developers can construct the five towers gradually rather than all at once.

To view the minutes from the State Commission Assessment Panel (SCAP), head here.

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