Growing your own herbs has never been easier with this Aussie invention

SA owned Eco Lateral store is now stocking the Urbipod – A benchtop contraption that makes it easy to grow your own fresh herbs from your benchtop!

Small but powerful, fresh herbs not only add flavour to your meals they also boast an enormous array of health benefits. Studies have proven basil, parsley and even the controversial coriander provide antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and have been shown to fight heart disease, cancer, diabetes and even slow the ageing process!

As with most foods, “fresh is best”, with the key to getting the most out of these little powerhouses being to get them at their prime. The issue with that is, their shelf life is short and they’re not cheap.

That’s where the UrbiPod comes in. An Australian invention that allows you to grow fresh herbs and microgreens in your home with little to no effort! The convenient little pod can sit on your benchtop and with its automated watering and LED lighting systems, it’s pretty much foolproof!

The Urbontanica UrbiPod System has been flying off the shelves since its release but luckily for us, SA owned Ecolateral have plenty in stock. EcoLateral are the only stockists of the UrbiPod in Adelaide and can be found in four locations across Adelaide in Magill, Blackwood, Brighton and the CBD.

Ecolateral has been serving the environmentally-minded community in South Australia since 1994 making them the longest-running environmentally focussed retailer in Australia.

In that time Ecolateral has evolved into South Australia’s go-to store for sustainable living. CEO Jamie Stott is passionate about the environment and making sustainable living easy and accessible for everyone.

“Our vision is to equip people with the tools and resources to live more sustainably, and help this and future generations of Australians to wake up and start walking the path from being eco-impacters to being zero-wasters,” she says.

“We believe our role is to create awareness of the environmental issues and potential solutions, then source the best eco-friendly products. Our aim is to equip the growing community of eco-warriors with the tools and resources needed to make a real difference in an achievable and affordable way, and in doing so help one million households live more sustainable lives.”

“Support for locally-owned businesses is more important now than it has ever been. Whilst shopping online has its conveniences it doesn’t compare to touching, feeling and smelling the beautiful items we have on display, including the new Urbipods. The in-store experience also includes access to our team of eco warriors who are there to help and guide would-be eco warriors on their sustainability journeys”

You can find SA Owned and Operated Ecolateral at four locations around Adelaide:

24a Charles St, Adelaide, 5000

2/183 Main Rd, Blackwood 5051

445 Brighton Rd, Brighton 5048

411 Magill Rd, St Morris 5068

To find out more visit the Ecolateral website and you can follow along on Facebook and Instagram.

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