Guide to red wines you can continue drinking into spring

Welcome spring with a glass of red! Red wine needn’t be a winter-only drink, and Michael Andrewartha of East End Cellars has a few recommendations.

Written by East End Cellars Owner, Michael Andrewartha

2016 SC Pannell Nebbiolo

Stephen Pannell is a pioneer of the Nebbiolo variety here in Oz, and I’m certain that his 2016 is one of the best Nebbiolo to be produced in Australia to date! Steve’s studied, worked and most importantly, drank, with some of the best producers of Neb in the world and frankly, this is next level. 

Floral, tannic and incredibly graceful like all great Neb’s should be, the most impressive thing I can say about this is that it has that elegance and European feel to it.

Cost: $70 per bottle (buy here)

Yangarra Noir

One of the most interesting projects we’ve been watching is over at Yangarra. They’ve got most of the grape varieties of France’s Chateauneuf-du-pape region planted, some of which I can barely pronounce, like Counoise, if you say something like “Coo-Nwah-z” that’s about right.

In 2018, they released something with all the red varieties blended together called “Noir”. Pete Fraser is the brains behind the winemaking, my parents also happen to be his godparents, but even with an unbiased view, his wines are nothing short of incredible. This is fresh, lively and jam-packed with flavour, perfect for the introduction of winter and something braised!

Cost: $28 per bottle (buy here)

2021 Spinifex Syrah

Year on year, Pete and Magali produce some of the most Iconic wines from the Barossa, the best thing is these wines happen to carry some stunning balance and purity, they’re not your average big, ballsy, slap in the face that people once expected.

You might have noticed that they’ve opted to call this Syrah (French for Shiraz) which usually means it’s more on the savoury end of things. With plums and dark berries and Barossa’s glass staining power, this is right up there with the best but at a third of the price!

Cost: $28 per bottle (buy here)

2021 Dr Edge ‘Tasmania’ Pinot Noir

Peter Dredge, or Dredgy to most, is an ex-Adelaide boy, and one of the countries most talented blokes. Having cut his teeth at a few places like Petaluma, Dr Loosen and Bay of Fires to name drop a few, the wines under his namesake have just as much personality as the man himself… The 2021 iteration is by far, my favourite to date, and has a balance and harmony that few wines possess.

They say the sign of a good wine is that the last glass is the best, and this is always the case. There is ONE problem with this wine though… it’s not in a magnum!

Cost: $60 per bottle (buy here)

This article was written by East End Cellars Owner, Michael Andrewartha. Michael is an incurable wine fanatic with over twenty years experience in fine wine retail. East End Cellars is premium wine cellar located in the Adelaide CBD. To learn more, visit the East End Cellars website.

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