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Adelaide cold snap: Guinness is giving away free pints at these SA pubs when the temp drops

Guinness has launched a Brewery of Meteorology app so when the temperature temperature dips below 9 degrees Celsius, you can claim a free pint of Guinness at select locations.

For this winter season, Guinness has launched a Brewery of Meteorology website that acts as an app, providing beer enthusiasts in South Australia with an enticing offer: whenever the temperature dips below 9 degrees Celsius, Aussies can claim a free pint of Guinness at select locations.

The Brewery of Meteorology platform will provide an up to date weather ‘pourcast’ using live weather data, and is geo-targeted so Aussie drinkers know when the weather in their area is perfect for a winter pint.

Guinness has appointed Australia’s favourite Irish expat, Colin Fassnidge, as Meteorologist for the platform.

Additionally, Guinness is introducing a limited-edition range of thermals, crafted from 100% merino wool and adorned with the iconic Guinness Harp pattern. These thermals offer both warmth and style, making them the perfect winter accessory for enjoying a pint at the pub.

“As the weather gets cooler, there’s nothing better than rugging up and enjoying a Guinness. I’ll be keeping an eye on the temperature this winter, and when it drops I hope to see plenty of Guinness-fans donning their Guinness thermals and heading to a cosy pub to enjoy a pint,” Colin says.

Guinness, established in 1759, is renowned as the world’s most popular stout. Brewed with water, malted and roasted barley, hops, and yeast, Guinness has become a staple in 49 countries and is savoured in over 150 nations.

With nearly 9 million glasses of Guinness enjoyed every day worldwide, the brand continues to captivate beer enthusiasts with its rich and distinctive flavours.

Guinness lovers can score a free pint at these locations (and more) whenever the temperature drops below 9 degrees:

  • Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, Hindmarsh
  • Duke of Brunswick Hotel, Adelaide
  • Citizen Hotel, Adelaide
  • Arab Steed Hotel, Adelaide
  • Metropolitan Hotel, Adelaide
  • The Mile End Hotel, Mile End
  • Lord Melbourne Hotel, North Adelaide
  • Payneham Tavern, Payneham
  • Oxford Hotel, Adelaide

Visit The Brewery of Meteorology here and check the weather pourcast and register to get updates on when the weather’s just right! You can also visit here for a chance to win a pair of Thermals.

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