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Gutsy Girls Adventure Film Tour

This exciting selection of short films about amazing women, comes to Adelaide this Saturday.


Born out of a desire to showcase the strong, inspirational, adventurous women of the outdoor world, the Gutsy Girls Adventure Film Tour presents a carefully curated selection of short films that will entertain, enthrall and enlighten.  

The tour showcases three hours of the most heartfelt, inspiring and entertaining films celebrating adventurous women from independent film makers around the globe, and will appeal to avid adventurer and armchair traveler alike.

The 2019 tour includes Samantha Gash on her quest to run across India, a committed paddler who doesn’t let size get in the way of her passions, big wave surfing champion Paige Alms, rock climber Hazel Findlay, a crew of rad Alaskan fat tyre snow bikers who know how to dream big and more.

The Gutsy Girls Adventure Film Tour screens at the Capri Cinema Goodwood, this Saturday.

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