Guys Behind Sunny's Shop Open Cocktail Bar Today

Guys Behind Sunny’s Shop Open Cocktail Bar Next Week

The guys behind Sunny’s have opened a new cocktail bar, and we’re lovin’ what they’re serving up.


There’s nothing we love more than a new cocktail bar, and when it’s set inside a food hall full of incredible Asian cuisine, there’s nothing stopping us from heading down there on the reg for a drink and bite to eat. Next week, Rosemont Hall will open their new cocktail bar and the eclectic offering promises to serve up classics with a twist along with some fantastic local beer and wines.

The newest in a long line of eateries along Prospect Road, Rosemont Hall is set in a beautiful Art Deco building, ideal for casual get togethers, friendly lunches and quality good times.

If you know anything about Asian cuisine, you’ve likely heard of hawker markets: those big, open-air markets where all the best food comes together in a mismatch of smells and tastes. Prospect’s new Rosemont Hall brings these markets to the inner north, with Sunny’s Shop, Mr Chan’s, and the 1924 Rosemont Bar all coming together in a colourful explosion of flavour and fun.

For lovers of that gorgeous Asian cuisine, Rosemont Hall has Sunny’s Shop – a modest Deli serving flavourful and fresh Asian fusion cuisine at very reasonable prices! Lunch menu options circle around $11 and include delicious rice bowls and salads, while dinner dishes on the marvellous street food menu include large curries with an array of flavours and food collaborations for no more than $20.

Mr Chan, a fresh take on the humble suburban Chinese takeway, offers up all your favourites from the Cantonese cuisine, think: steamed dumplings, Char kway teow and Kung Pao Chicken. A particular dinner dish we recommend to try is the sizzling black pepper beef with onions, black bean and chilli!

Completing the incredible trio is the flapper-inspired bar, 1924 Bar. Open early til late, seven days a week and offering pastry and espresso in the mornings, to beers and wines in the evenings to really vamp up socialising.

Prospect dwellers and fans alike – get ready, because Rosemont Hall has recently flung open it’s doors welcoming hungry (and thirsty) patrons! So dress up and get ready to go back in time to explore this hidden gem with your pals this summer.

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