Hallett Cove could be getting a seaside tidal pool

The Marion Council is seeking funding to build a seaside pool in Hallett Cove.

Feature image of Bondi Icebergs

Have you ever wished that South Australia had a seaside pool in the metropolitan coastline like the ones in Bondi Beach? 

Fortunately, for residents down south, or those who enjoy a dip in the great beaches that South Australia offers, a seaside tidal pool could be coming to Hallett Cove.

The City of Marion Council is seeking funding from the State Government for Adelaide’s first seaside tidal pool to be built.

The Marion Council will divide 50 per cent funding between them and the State Government’s Local Government Partnership Program, with an estimate cost of $5.5 million.

“We know it’s a very popular idea, that people love the idea of a sea pool and if it fits at Hallett Cove and the parking issues can be overcome, it’s going to be a huge attraction,” says Marion Mayor Kris Hanna.

Edithburg Tidal Pool, South Australia’s only seaside pool.

This is the second push for Adelaide’s first sea pool to be located in Hallett Cove beach, beginning in 2018.

An early plan from the Marion Council was to have the tidal pool located alongside Heron Way Reserve, with a design of a walled pool with pumped water and wave flushing.

Hallett Cove MP and Environmental and Water Minister, David Speirs, has, expressed his interest of the creation of a sea pool, acknowledging the widespread support in the local area, as well as the environmental benefits. 

“The pool has the potential to be transformation for Hallett Cove, becoming an iconic attraction, providing a one-of-a-kind destination in metropolitan Adelaide, enhancing the recreational amenity of the area and adding positively to property values.”

“The pool is also likely to deliver positive environmental benefits by helping to retain sand on the beach and control erosion without the need to spend large amounts of money on a heavily engineered revetment walls which are likely to be needed in the future.”


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