Hallett Cove skate-park edges closer to completion

Check out this preview of the highly-anticipated Capella Reserve Skatepark in Hallett Cove

The highly-anticipated Capella Reserve Skatepark in Hallett Cove is nearing completion, and a local skate-park enthusiast has shared a video update on its current status. The video shows the skatepark starting to take shape, with the central pit and its elements coming together.

Video credit: Ben Heide

The design has been developed to cater for all active wheeled sports including skateboarding, BMXing, scooter, roller skating as well as those looking to spectate and enjoy the public space. It has a range of beginner elements to cater for the existing users but also provides obstacles for higher abilities.

It includes both flowing transition and street areas with some advanced features and takes inspiration from some of the existing key features of the skatepark (curved rail, fun box), incorporating them into the design.

Seating, shade and lighting has been incorporated to provide a community space that can be used by a variety of different user groups and provide comfortable spectator amenities.

Designed by global leaders in skate park and youth space solutions, Convic, they’ve successfully partnered with the local government to design the latest skating hotspot. They’ve created more than 800 action sports facilities around the world, with this one to also be a sure-fire hit.

To find out more about the Capella Reserve Skatepark project, check out the Convic website.

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