Handmade Traditional Brazilian Creme Caramel Hits The Adelaide Central Market

As part of the Producer in Residence program at the Adelaide Central Market, Ms. Maria crafts delicious, handmade creme caramel in a variety of flavours.


Meet Adelaide Central Market‘s Newest Producer in Residence, Ms. Maria — serving up delicious, handmade creme caramel using a traditional family recipe.

Ms. Maria crafts this Brazilian dessert in a variety of flavours. Try doce de leite, coffee, coconut, chocolate, orange, lemon and Nutella before you decide on your favourite. You owe it to yourself. Winter is hard.

‘But I’m on a super-strict diet for Summer!’ you protest. Ah, luckily for you — Ms. Maria is plating up a sugar-free chocolate flavour, so you can have your cake and a Summer bod too.

Plus… if it’s sugar-free, that means this dessert nutritionally counts as a meal, right? Cake for lunch!

Visit Ms. Maria at the Adelaide Central Market during Market trading hours, up until the 17th of August.

You’ll find the Producer in Residence stall in the North West Grote Street entrance. An initiative to give small South Aussie start-ups the opportunity to test their products in the marketplace, the stall houses a new resident producer every 3 weeks.

The Adelaide Central Market is located at 44-60 Gouger Street Adelaide 5000.

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