Have You Always Wanted To Learn How To Make A Cocktail? We Have The Answer...

Learn How To Become A Master Mixologist, Straight Up!

Become a mixologist master…


Cocktails. They really are a wonderful thing. And the cocktail culture has well and truly taken over Adelaide. Thank goodness really, because we love dabbling in all of the cocktails…

There is something special about those perfectly blended flavours; the care and love put into its creation by the mixologist; the sophisticated feeling you get when you sip from that fancy glass adorned with decoration (let’s be honest it is a little more high class than a stubby…). It all adds to the vibe and can really turn a good night out into a great night out.

We tip our hats to the amazing mixologists behind these tasty drinks that we enjoy so much. There is a real air of craftsmanship when it comes to creating that perfect cocktail. A science. A love. A passion. That, combined with the perfect ingredients leaves us in heaven. But after all the cocktail drinking have you ever thought “I would love to be able to make this myself”? We have. Plenty of times…

Well now you can! introducing Hotel Richmond’s Cocktail Academy and their Classic Cocktail Masterclass. It even sounds like something from James Bond. So cool. They want to teach us the science behind making a cocktail so that we can become the mixologist we have always wanted to be!

On Friday 15 January cocktail lovers (that could be you) will join together to get a lesson from one of Bacardi Rum’s top mixologists. You will learn about four classic cocktail methods, and each student will be given a step by step guide into how to make some of the oldest cocktails.

Like wine, cocktails also have different flavour profiles and specific notes to discuss. And so discussion will be had, while the drinking ensues!

If you didn’t think this Cocktail Masterclass could get any better, well, you would be wrong… Each cocktail will also be paired with a food serving, to really ignite the flavours in the drinks (and because, well, food!).

For just $80 you will receive all the materials required to make the four cocktails, canapés matched to the drinks, a bar bible to take home and, let’s be honest, a ripping good time!

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