Hawi Gifts opens first luxurious retail store in Adelaide

Hawi Gifts has opened its first brick-and-mortar store in Adelaide Central Plaza. The gift hamper exclusively consist of Australia made or owned products.

The gifting experience has never been more exciting, with Hawi Gift Hampers assembling premium Australian products, bundling them together and available for purchase now in store.

What originally began as an online business for owner and founder Emily Mboya has now developed into the opening of Hawi’s first physical retail store in Rundle Mall’s Adelaide Central Plaza.

“My aim from the beginning was to shift the emphasis on gift giving from stressful to special”, says Emily.

After identifying a gap in the market through struggles faced in her own personal gifting experiences Emily, all while working as an engineer, decided to start a business building gift hampers with exclusive, high quality Australian products.

Online or now in store, customers can shop Hawi’s premade gift hampers ranging between $69.99 and $189, or create their own gift box starting at $60.

Exclusive to in-store customers is the opportunity to shop the individual sourced products, an option that is currently not available on Hawi’s website.

Since their launch in 2020, Hawi’s gift hampers have exclusively consisted of Australian products. From food and alcohol to lifestyle and self-care products, all Hawi goods are Australian made or owned.

“I place great importance on solely acquiring Australian products. Not only to support the economy and environment, but because I appreciate and trust the standard and quality of resources used”, says the young entrepreneur.

Hawi Gift Hampers centres upon not only curating a special gift, but a special gifting experience.

“My goal is to offer a unique experience to customers above and beyond the gifting element.” Emily says.

By virtue of this, and as a representation of her Kenyan heritage, Emily named her business Hawi, after a Kenyan term which translates to blessings and good luck.

“I wanted my business name to represent my culture. In Kenya we say ‘Hawi’ when wishing someone all the best, so it felt like a genuine and heartfelt connection to gift giving”, says the businesswoman.

On the first Sunday of every month, Hawi will hold in-store workshops where attendees can enjoy an afternoon of fun, food, and drinks, all while learning the ins and outs of gifting through masterclasses in gifting, perfume making, cocktail creation and much more.

Visit Level 1 Adelaide Central Plaza to buy or create your own box in store, or head to the website today to shop.

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