Head South For A Soulful (And Delicious) Experience!

Head South For A Soulful (And Delicious) Experience!

You had us at deep fried chicken, cocktails and brownie s’mores….


Warning: this article may contain lots of attempts at sounding like a southern belle from Alabama…

So y’all listen up now, because aside from all the terrible attemps at southern speak, we do actually have some interesting (and delicious) news for you…

The Woodcroft Hotel, which is the soul of the south in Adelaide, has undergone some amazing renovations making it as pretty as that southern belle we are trying to sound like… And last night we were invited to check it all out at their VIP re-launch party! Yee-ha!

The Woodcroft Hotel

It became pretty clear from the get go that this was going to be one knee slappin’ good time. Considering that the bus that transported us to the hotel had everything from tasty pretzels, mojitos and a guitar and harmonica wielding muscian playing some good old southern tunes aboard, it was going to be a good night…

With the expectations high, we were not disappointed when we arrived. How could we be when we were served an ‘Old Fashioned’ bourbon and orange based cocktail. And we must admit, we aren’t the biggest bourbon fans but this cocktail was all kinds of yummy!

Now you couldn’t call yourself the soul of the south if you didn’t serve up some true souther style food, and that they did. Cue mouths watering… They had everything from Southern Fried Chicken (night was bascially made from that alone), Seafood Chowder which had perfectly poached seafood in a creamy vegetable and bacon soup, their Philly Cheesesteak Sanga with slow cooked tender steak loaded with cheese, American mustard, onions, mushrooms & peppers, plus the most epic Triple Chocolate Brownie S’Mores. Think brownie made from all three chocolates – dark, milk and white – topped with melting marshmallow and a drizzle of chocolate sauce. Droooooooool!

The Woodcroft Hotel 4

Having already mentioned a few of the cocktails, we were very impressed by the drinks on offer. And we hear you thinking ‘well that can’t be hard’, but it is… As much as we love a good drink we can be particularly fussy, especially when it comes to a cocktail. Our pick of the night: a gin based little number called Bombay Bramble featuring blackberry liqueur topped with fresh lemon juice, berries and soda. Yum!

The Woodcroft Hotel 3

So don’t be a stranger to the south! With live music every weekend, a laid back vibe, good old-fashioned hospitality, creative cocktails and food for the soul, we will definitely be heading back. What a dern tootin’ good time!

We promise to never attempt this southern talk in the future, but then again, we were never any good at keeping promises!

The Woodcroft Hotel
(08) 8325 1555
Bains & Panalatinga Roads, Woodcroft

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