Head To The Hills For The Lane Vineyard Twilight Sessions

Head to the hills for a glass of wine while watching the sunset at The Lane Vineyard’s Summer Twilight Sessions.

A 9-5 job can be repetitive, and at times boring, so what should you do when the clock strikes 5 and everyone is knocking off? Well, the weather is warmer and the skies less cloudy, so why not change the scenery and escape the bustling city? Get in the car with a few friends in tow, for a drive through hills to find the most picturesque views of the night.

The Lane Vineyard has heard our pleas and feels it’s only fair they share the magnificent views from their deck every Friday from December through to February. While overlooking the estate, open a bottle of wine for the group to share and snack on the casual ‘deck-friendly’ plates whipped up by The Lane’s stellar chef from 5pm until 9pm.



The Twilight Sessions will kick off the festive season, so for the first session of lazy afternoons bring along your Xmas cheer for acoustic entertainment, small plates to share or perhaps dine from the a la carte menu for a special Christmas twilight sitting. An even greater idea is to splurge a little on the ultimate Christmas party or rally up your closest friends for a festive soiree amongst the sunset and vines.

No booking are required for the twilight sessions, just jump in the car and head to the hills for a magical night overlooking the infamous sunset of Mount Lofty.

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