Head To This La Boheme Fringe Variety Show To Help Save It From Closure

This iconic Adelaide bar needs our help.


Tucked away in a dark corner of the venue, sipping on your expertly crafted cocktail, all cosy on the vintage wooden chairs, or leather couch, you could think you’re in a French lounge bar, or a prohibition bar waiting for the cabaret dancers to emerge.

The red velvet curtain hung behind the small stage brings a sense of anticipation for what the night will bring. It’s La Boheme on Grote Street.

And sadly, they are facing the possibility of closure. Unless we can save them.

For over 12 years La Boheme has been a space for the creation and celebration of art in every form, and particularly in the intimate form of cabaret. 

In fact, La Boheme holds a special place in our heart and history here at Glam Adelaide. When we were one of the first in Adelaide to launch digital television back in 2007, it was at La Boheme.

One of the first small bars in Adelaide’s small bar scene, this underground style bar sets itself apart from others in that they have stoutly held back from selling their soul on social media. Focusing instead on ensuing guests have a well-rounded experience complete with charming performers and exquisite cocktails, their mysterious omission of an online presence is part of their charm.

While their heart is definitely in it, sadly good intentions do not always pay the bills.

Over the last few years the income from the bar has become less and less reliable and as such, they are facing closure.

“We’ve streamlined everything, and got a coffee house in during the day, but its still not enough in the face of the huge amount of new bars all competing for a static amount of people. It’s been really tough but we’ve fought with every fibre and sequin of our being to stay open.” says Paul from La Boheme.

La Boheme’s building owners have given the venue until the 18th of March to settle outstanding rent.

 So in light of this, some of the best acts from around the Fringe have come together to show support for for the venue that has supported them.

Putting together a Variety Show, this 18 + event will see all proceeds go to to La Boheme. There will be a gold coin donation on the night.

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So if you want to support a vulnerable but sparking South Australian venue and are free on the 13th of March, then be sure to head down to the Variety Show.

“We love what we’ve created and we want it to continue, to keep being a home for artists, a drawcard for shows from all over the world, the home of the largest Cabaret Fringe Festival in Australia (and possibly the world) and some of the best cabaret, jazz, classical music, impro theatre you will see in Adelaide,” says Paul from La Boheme.

Your continued support will be essential in ensuring this bar continues on for years to come.

You can find a link to their Go Fund Me here.


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