Head To Winter Reds With Uber This Weekend

Head To Winter Reds With Uber This Weekend

The crew at Uber are adding a special WINE trip feature to their app for this weekend, guaranteeing you a personal chauffeur for your Winter Reds adventures!


We’ve been hammering it home for the last few weeks that Winter Reds is coming, and if you’re going to avoid getting your knickers in a knot about what to do, to get your plans in order. We’re now less than a week out and while some of the highlights from our Winter Reds Guide might be sold out, it doesn’t mean that the whole weekend is another opportunity missed. In fact, it might just be an opportunity gained, especially if you’ve been having arguements about drawing straws for a designated driver.

As is becoming the norm nowadays, this is another instance of Uber to the rescue. They are here to help everyone explore the Adelaide Hills this weekend, with a very special WINE view request in the Uber app just the tip of what they’ve got planned. Whether you’re heading up on Friday, Saturday or Sunday (or all three days!) they’ll match you with a personal driver to stay with you and your friends while you enjoy your day of wine. Yes, that’s a chaperone guaranteed to look after you for the whole day.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1 – Request the WINE view in the Uber app, and if there’s an available vehicle, you’ll be paired with a driver for the duration of your wine tour.
Step 2 – Enter your first winery and make your way to the Adelaide Hills for a day of wine tasting.
Step 3 – Call or text your driver using the Uber app when you’re ready to leave, they’ll be waiting for you in the car park.
Step 4 – Enter a new winery into your app and your driver will be automatically updated with your next destination.
Step 5 – Your driver will end the trip once you’re safely home.

How simple is that! the WINE view in the app will be available from Friday across the weekend between 9am and 6pm. It’s up to you to decide when and where you want to go and you can stop the tour whenever you want. There’s no limit to the time or distance on WINE trips, just a minimum fare of $50 (which split between a crew is nothing!). You will also be charged $0.65 per minute on your WINE trip, including driver-partner waiting time.

If you accidentally request WINE instead of the uberX or Black service (because, we don’t know, your finger slipped?) don’t worry either. Your fare will be adjusted to reflect uberX rates.

So, here’s our Winter Reds Guide again. Happy wine-ing!!

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