Heading To Adelaide Oval For The Footy? Here's The Quickest Way To Get Around The Precinct Redevelopments

Heading To Adelaide Oval For The Footy? Here’s The Quickest Way To Get Around The Precinct Redevelopments

There are big changes for anyone heading to the football. This is how you need to get there now. 


Football is back baby!

Can you believe it’s the season again!? We’re pumped for pies, pints and men in short shorts. And oh yes, THE SPORT, can’t forget the sport.

Come this Sunday thousands will flock to our famed Adelaide Oval to see the Crows fly as one and hopefully teach GWS a thing or two. Then the Port boys do the same against Fremantle the following week.

But as you all know (and probably experienced during festival season) there’s plenty going on around the Adelaide Riverbank and although we’re pumped for the upgrades, they can make finding your way a little tricky.

Getting Around The Festival Plaza Redevelopment:

  • Get there early. Look, this one is probably a given but with large crowds expected and access restricted you don’t want to be missing that first bounce because you’re stuck on a (very beautiful) bridge. We recommend giving yourself at least an hour extra. Plus then you can get your snacks and bevvies sorted early. Win win.
  • Plan your journey. You can’t beat a man with a plan. Hop over to the Adelaide Riverbank website theadelaideriverbank.com.au to help figure out the best route for you.
  • There’s an app for that! Did you know the Adelaide Riverbank has a free app? It will not only help you with wayfinding, but while you’re on there you can find out about upcoming events, special offers and entertainment in the area. Awesome. Get it here. https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/adelaide-riverbank/id1174281621?mt=8
  • If you’re arriving by train, the northern entrance of the Adelaide Railway station is closed, so after you’re done playing with the awesome light installation game they’ve popped up there, exit via North Terrace.
  • The Riverbank Footbridge is not closed, but will probably be busy on the day so we’d still recommend taking King William Road as your best bet.
  • From North Terrace, if you do want to take the Riverbank Footbridge, you can get to it by walking around the Intercontinental Hotel and down the temporary stairs to the bridge.
  • Station Road (down next to the Casino) is also closed, again King William or the Intercontinental are your options.

So with all that in mind you should make a speedy entrance to the game and have a blast.

Oh, and have fun, scream loud and be a bit humble to the visiting team when the good old South Aussies wipe the floor with them.

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