Heels Are Out And Flats Are In (Insert Applause Here)

Heels Are Out And Flats Are In (Insert Applause Here)

Ballet flats, brogues and even Birkenstocks have signalled the return of flats to Aussie’s wardrobes, and we have the stats to prove it.


02B66997 webWe’ve all noticed flats creeping back into women’s wardrobes over the last year or two, with ballet flats, brogues and even Birkenstocks making a come back. It’s now official however, with eBay’s Trendwatchers making the call. As we swing into 2015, more and more women are swapping the heels for flats and the numbers are there to prove it.

Sales of flat shoes have increased since Christmas by a whopping 168%! In South Australia we’ll make an educated guess that the incredible sales on offer teamed with the start of event season = the perfect excuse to update the wardrobe with practical yet stylish footwear choices. The World Tennis Challenge in Adelaide, along with the Australian Open have also come along at the perfect time, with tennis fashion sales increasing by 43% since January 1st 2015. Do you have a pair of tennis whites in your shoe rack? Perhaps it’s got something to do with your New Year’s Resolutions, but only you’ll know the answer to that…

Sales for flat shoes are most popular on Mondays (when we’re all reeling from the poor heel choice we made over the weekend perhaps?) and most flats are bought at 8pm. I guess our dirty little secret (internet shopping on the couch in trakkies after dinner) has been revealed… Needless to say, we’re over the moon about the come back of a comfortable fashion trend, and we’ll be on the look out for more stylish options as the Autumn/Winter trends hit the stores in the coming months.


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