Help brand South Australia (and you could win a $250 Shorts Holiday voucher)

What makes South Australia unique? What does our image say about who we are, what we think and how we live? Do we have a profile outside of South Australia that promotes what we produce and attracts people to come here?

These questions go to the heart of a new project that Premier Jay Weatherill has asked the Economic Development Board to embark upon: Branding South Australia.

Branding South Australia is all about developing a strong brand for our state which captures the essence of what we are about.

A brand is not just a logo, a slogan or a tag line. It is much more. It is about values and a set of beliefs that are held to be part of the fabric of a place, something that drives how we behave, what our future looks like and how we want others to see us.

You can be involved in Branding South Australia by taking part in an online survey which aims to understand what South Australians think of their state. The feedback from the survey will be given to the successful branding agency as an essential part of their design brief.

By completing the survey you can go into a draw to win one of two $250 Shorts Holidays vouchers, with the lucky winners able to savour one of our many tourist attractions.  

To find out more detailed information about the Branding South Australia project, visit the website, or interact via social media on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. 

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