Help hospitality venues out by following these 5 dining guidelines

Restaurants and cafes are now oping back up after lockdown. Follow these 5 must-do tips to make dining out easier on the incredible SA hospitality industry.

Now that lockdown is over and restrictions have been eased, Adelaide is beginning to open back up. We’ve compiled a short guide for you to keep in mind when you visit any cafes or restaurants, who has been hit hard by the lockdown and are not operating at full capacity with the new restrictions.

Please, do your part to help Adelaide’s incredible hospitality industry.

1. Book ahead 

If the restaurant or cafe you want to visit accepts bookings, it is a great idea to book so the venue can plan, and if you have booked, try not to cancel. They’re relying on you. That being said, if you can’t go for some reason, absolutely call up and let them know so that they can give your much needed chair/table to someone else. No shows are just unacceptable.

2. Only sit down if you’re planning on having a meal

Taking up one of their valuable tables for a single coffee is robbing them of revenue someone else could have brought them.

3. Keep your duration in mind

If you’re spending a fortune, I’m sure they won’t mind you settling in for a while, but for the rest of us, try and keep your mealtime to an hour, so the venue can allow other diners to have a meal too. This not only means others (who are equally busting to get out and have a restaurant experience) can enjoy their favourite meal at a great venue, but the venue itself can try and make enough money to cover some of their expenses. Remember, every dollar counts. 

4. Post a review

By sharing your experience, it will let others know that the venue is up and running again for indoor dining. Help spread the word and let’s help SA’s hospitality industry get back on its feet. 

5. Tip if you can

Again, every dollar helps. 

To find out what restaurants and cafes are currently open amid the new restrictions, check out our handy guide for all the information you could possibly need. Let’s all do our part in supporting Adelaide’s hospitality industry.

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