Henry Winkler raves about Adelaide restaurant Fugazzi during SA visit

Henry Winkler, also known as ‘The Fonz’, arrived in Adelaide yesterday and enjoyed lunch at popular CBD restaurant ahead of his show.

Henry Winkler, the one and only ‘The Fonz’ from the popular long-running sitcom Happy Days, arrived in Adelaide yesterday, chatting and taking pictures with fans when he arrived at Adelaide Airport before enjoying a quick city pit stop for lunch at the popular Fugazzi Bar and Dining Room in Leigh Street ahead of his only Adelaide show last night at Her Majesty’s Theatre.

Co-owned by MasterChef’s Laura Sharrad and husband Max, Fugazzi, which is a popular Adelaide celeb dining spot, has become a favourite of Henry’s, sharing his love for the restaurant with his over one million fans on X, saying ‘FOOD TIP : Adelaide, Australia : FUGAZZI .. everything was fantastic !!’.

Image credit: Laura Sharrad.

In Australia for his ‘Henry Winkler: The Fonz and Beyond Tour’ centred around his memoir ‘Being Henry’, Henry engaged audiences last night, diving deep into the stories from his extensive career, childhood, and personal artistry.

Many who grew up watching Henry play the character that epitomised cool and defined a generation were in attendance last night, where Henry talked about his childhood with strict parents who wanted him to take over the family timber business instead of following his dreams to be an actor.

The show, which was split into two parts, started with Henry describing his difficulties at school and the constant negativity he received from his parents and teachers about his intellectual and academic challenges, only to discover years later he was dyslexic.

The second half, following a brief interval, was Henry taking the time to answer questions from he audience, giving fans a real opportunity to connect with the star.

His story is one of inspiration, challenging audiences to always pursue their dreams and never to listen to the doomsayers of the world, and to always go after the things you want, no matter how much it scares you.

Henry has evolved from The Fonz over the years, taking on memorable roles in shows such as Arrested DevelopmentParks and Recreation, and Barry, ensuring his place in the hearts of multiple generations of fans.

Often hailed as the “nicest man in Hollywood,” Henry candidly refutes the claim. He sees himself as a man genuinely grateful for the opportunities that came his way. A blend of wit, charm, and self-deprecation, he continues to win over audiences with his authenticity. Today, he stands as an Emmy-award winner, a best-selling author, and a revered director and producer.

Through his memoir and the subsequent tour, Henry seeks to convey a powerful message that transcends the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. “Being Henry” delves into the nuances of living under the spotlight, offering insights into both the blessings and the challenges of stardom. But at its core, it’s an ode to truth, kindness, and finding one’s purpose.

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