Family Winemakers Of Henschke Celebrate 150 Years With Launch Of New Shiraz

Henschke To Celebrate 150 Years With Launch Of New Shiraz

One of Australia’s oldest family-owned wineries is turning 150, and we all get to celebrate with a new vino!


Stephen and Prue Henschke carry the legacy of the Henschke Winery as one of the oldest family-owned wineries in Australia. And this year they’re celebrating 150 years by commemorating Henschke founder Johann Christian Henschke through a new Shiraz The Wheelwright. Johann was a first generation winemaker, skilled stonemason and wheelwright and established Henschke Winery in 1868.

Stephen, a fifth-generation winemaker and Prue a viticulturist have continued to be recognised internationally for their excellent quality wines, innovative practices and sustainability in the vineyard. The combination of biodynamic and traditional winemaking methods produce white’s with absolute purity and red’s that have a strong sense of place. Prue’s efforts in replacing inorganic fertilisers (and herbicides) with compost and manure and eggshells has enriched the soil to raise the quality of the wine produced.

The Eden Valley Vineyard with its red-brown earth and 500m altitude has proven to be perfect locality for outstanding wine. Overlooking Eden Valley is the Hill of Grace vineyard which is where the acclaimed Hill of Grace Shiraz is produced and the 2013 vintage will be released once again this year.

The Henschke family are marking the 150th anniversary on the 3rd of September where they will launch their prized Hill of Grace 2013 instead of its May 1st usual release. Alongside will be the release of their new Shiraz The Wheelwright from the Eden Valley vineyard is crafted from biodynamically-grown shiraz vines, yielding and ungrafted. These vines were planted in 1968 by fourth-generation winemaker, Cyril, and produce a wine with characteristics of blue and blackberries, violets, anise and bay leaves.

So wine-lovers, pencil in September 3rd for both Hill of Grace (limited) and The Wheelwright release and prepare for a year of celebrations at Henschke!


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