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Short on toilet paper (again)? Here’s where to buy online.

Out of toilet paper at home? Can’t find any in the supermarket? Here’s where you can get some online AND support Australia too.


Did you hear? Everyone’s freaking out about TP. Avoid getting into a punch-up at your local Coles, and try one of these independent brands on for size.

No Issues

Got an issue? Grab a tissue.
From No Issues!

All your toilet paper-related problems solved on one convenient website. Sydney-based No Issues sells environmentally conscious bamboo TP, tissues and hand towels online, and it’s all shipped for free around Australia. Follow them on Instagram @noissuestissues.

Green Cane Paper

Bendy bamboo takes only a year to regenerate, as opposed to trees which take – on average – 30 years. No wonder so many TP companies are switching to bamboo for bum-wiping. Green Cane also promises no nasty plastic packaging, fragrances or dyes and only the softest sensation on your tush.

Who Gives A Crap?

The real MVPs of ethical, online toilet paper sales, Who Gives A Crap is your bum’s answer to Tom’s Shoes. After finding out that a staggering 800 children die in the developing world every day from diarrhoeal diseases caused by poor water and sanitation, founders Danny, Simon and Jehan decided to find a solution.

The plan? Fundraise for those in need, by selling a product everyone uses every single day. Growing from a mad start up idea in 2012, to donating 50% of all profits to support sanitation projects in developing nations is no mean feat, and surely something worth supporting.

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