“Here’s How You Can Repurpose Your Vintage Rings In Adelaide” is locked Here’s How You Can Repurpose Your Vintage Rings In Adelaide

Here’s How You Can Repurpose Your Vintage Rings In Adelaide

Old rings don’t have to languish away in your jewellery box with DDS’s remodeling services.


It can be heartbreaking and somewhat of a dilemma having a ring that’s been passed down through the family like an heirloom and it simply being too big, too worn, or just not your style. Considering the sentiment, you’re not going to throw it away so it’ll just languish in your jewellery box.

Well, do yourself (and your ancestors) a favour and repurpose these old, beloved pieces into something new, fresh and durable.

We spoke to diamond manufacturer Richard Moser from DDS (Diamond Design Studios) about their remodelling services. He says that it’s one of the most rewarding and fun things they do for customers, combining stones and melting down the gold to produce interesting and cherished pieces.

Depending on the quality of the gold, you can reuse it in the creation of the new piece. Don’t worry if it’s just a tad worn, it can be refined to bring it back to the highest quality.

The process starts with an initial inspection of the original pieces and stones. The DDS gemmologists and designers then go through all the elements with you. Everything that can be used will be used.

Following that, the jewellers at DDS get started on separating the stones and creating a new design (totally with your input).

Multiple rings and gemstones can be taken in at one time and potentially combined. In fact, that’s what DDS recommends, since combining coloured stones can make spectacular looking rings. So if you’ve got a few pieces lying around then bring them all in to be reviewed – free of charge!

Given that DDS hand makes all its rings, your repurposed jewellery becomes entirely unique and something that you too can pass down to your kids.

Ultimately, Richard says that it’s the look on the clients’ face when they see their new piece that makes the experience so much fun. Sometimes it’s hard to believe what can come out of tired old rings.

Do you have a ring, a chain or pendant, or any jewellery that’s in dire need of a new lease of life? Head to the experts at DDS and get them to inspect your items. The design process usually just takes only one meeting. The team asks for about six weeks to get it done, although the timing is flexible. You’ll be amazed at the result! 

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