Heritage Garden In Clare Valley Opens This Weekend For the Very Last Time

Heritage Garden In Clare Valley Opens This Weekend For the Very Last Time

The Heritage Garden will open its gates, one last time, for a fitting farewell in the beautiful spring time sun.


Driving along the vines, between Sevenhill and Clare, you can stumble across a charming and secluded escape that is South Australia’s best hidden secret. The secret garden is waiting for you to enter its gates and watch the flowers blossom and trees sway in the calming Spring breeze for one last time.

This weekend on November 6, The Heritage Garden will be opening its gates for the final time. Spend the morning, or afternoon, exploring the two hectares of gorgeous gardens grown with love over its long 15 years of life. Pairing up with their friendly neighbourhood garden, the Gillentown Garden, The Heritage Garden will be supporting the Royal Flying Doctor Service and the Women’s and Children’s Hospital one last time.

The stone front house and well-nurtured garden is full of foxgloves, wisteria, roses and more. It’s your last chance to stroll in the gardens under the warm springtime sun with blooming flowers all around that will shine in your stellar pics.

quince-orchard-in-blossom early-spring-on-the-northern-side-of-the-house daffodils-in-the-park foxgoves-in-spring-outside-my-kitchen-window golden-celebration-in-the-front-garden blue-echium the-vegie-and-herb-garden-in-spring zepherine-droughin-on-the-vegie-garden-arches walk-through-the-crabapples-in-spring
All photography courtesy of The Heritage Garden

So, follow the Facebook page to learn about their story and come visit The Heritage Garden this weekend to take in the final bloom.

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