Hidden bohemian gem set to inspire the artists of Adelaide

The revamped Coffee Pot will look to inspire the artists of Adelaide.

Images: Matt Welch

It’s a revamped, artistic space that will transport you back to a time of the roaring 1920s right here in Adelaide.

Located just off James Place near Rundle Mall, a bohemian art cafe by the name of The Coffee Pot has a dark and inspiring vibe, yet is wonderfully intimate and a place to let your thoughts run free.

Worth Gallery founder and Coffee Pot manager, Amy Sierp-Worth said the building has so many fascinating tales that can inspire an artist within a moment.

“I sat down with the owner of the Coffee Pot who shared with me the most colourful stories of the history of the building,” Ms Sierp-Worth said.

“It turns out his late father in-law owned the building in the 50s. When a Sydney, let’s say “businessman/ gangster” named Abe Saffron was running a less than favourable establishment in the Coffee Pot.

“Abe Saffron was known as the King of Kings Cross as he owned lots of strip clubs and sex shops.

“I’m not sure how many remember that about the building, but there’s no doubt half of Adelaide seems to remember the Coffee Pot, running from the 60s-90s.

“I’ve been told it was also one of the first places to get real coffee in Adelaide in the early days.” 

Not just a place for drawing inspiration and seeing wonderful works of art, the Coffee Pot is currently working on a brew plan to bring back that wonderfully missed coffee.

With such a rich, layered and extensive history, over the past two months, Amy has been restoring, redecorating and giving the place a new lease on life.

As she worked on the place, the stories would come to life out of the woodwork and she can’t wait for the spirits of those stories to inspire the customers and artists.

Amy Sierp-Worth has the Coffee Pot rejuvenated and looking wonderful.

“It’s hard to see all the things we have done. There was rotten red carpet in areas and the stairs were so filthy we bucketed in water. The vinyl seats have been restored and the walls have been cleaned with paint,” Ms Sierp-Worth said.

“I can’t wait to have some live music from musicians within the area. Some beautiful jazz, folk, reggae and indie music will be in store. Our social calendar in August will bring a SALA Extravaganza Art House Party which will show artists in a multitude of spaces in our adventurous venue.

“I also want to hold a speed dating night that will be a lot of fun.”

Showing at the Coffee Pot right now is the exhibition “An Aghanistan Lost” by activist and artist, Muzafar Ali.

Located on the top level of the venue, the exhibition is a fundraising event that opened on Saturday, March 5.

Muzafar and his family had to flee Afghanistan and were stranded in Indonesian with thousands of other refugees. The exhibit shows the struggles and triumphs of what Muzafar and his people faced and will run until April 18, 2022.

“I’m very committed to the arts and cultural tourism sector. While we’re in a depression, it makes sense to put artists in the city,” Ms Sierp-Worth said.

“Art brings people to the city and then the city will thrive. It also rejuvenates the place and it inspires people.”

The Coffee Pot is located at 1/27 Rundle Mall, Adelaide, SA, 5000- enter off James Place.

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