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High tea with an Argentinian twist at La Boca Bar and Grill

For three nights only, the Argentinian restaurant is serving up delicious high tea with a twist on the age old classic.

La Boca Bar and Grill has just unveiled the newest addition to their already brilliantly curated Argentinian menu with the launch of their brand-new high tea!

The high tea however isn’t a traditional foray on the ever-popular British classic, as La Boca deliver the cult favourite with a twist, an Argentinian twist in fact, and it delivers on flavour that’s mouth-wateringly good.

Presented like most high tea, La Boca’s newest addition comes on a three-tiered stand and is full of Argentinian goodness from top to bottom.

Starting at the base is a selection of empanadas to start your palate off savoury. With three styles, the empanadas come with beef, ham and cheese, and corn, tightly stuffed inside a crisp, golden brown, hand-sized savoury pastry.

The middle level kicks it up a notch and starts to transport your taste buds on a sweeter route with scones, berliners, quince paste jelly, pumpkin and almond jelly, sweet potato and coconut jelly, double cream and what – in my opinion – is the star of the show, alfajores, which deserve a description of their own.

A traditional treat of Argentina, the alfajor is the ultimate melt-in-your-mouth dessert with two perfectly baked cookies pressed either side of a creamy dulce de leche, need I say more, you’ll be wishing you ate them slower.

Atop the tower of Argentinian luxuries, you’ll find marroc, mantecol, Argentinian nougat also known as Turron and, to tie it all off, a scrumptious combination of sponge cake, cream and dulche de leche better known as Balcarce Tort.

The Argentianian High Tea on offer at La Boca is priced at $39.00 for adults, and $25.00 for children (aged 6-12), and is only being offered on three occasions.

The first sitting will be held on 30 May, with subsequent high tea’s occurring on 20 June and 18 July, and, pending popularity could become a staple menu item at the popular Argentinian restaurant.

To book yourself a seat at the first of three Argentinian high teas at La Boca Bar and Grill, click here.

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