August 2024

Hikeathon offers wellness, adventure, and party all rolled into one dynamic event

Join the Hikeathon at Marybank Estate this August for a blend of hiking, wellness activities, DJs and festive celebrations.

Marybank Estate is set to host a fun full-day event called the Hikeathon on Saturday the 31st of August, organised by One Hundred Co. The event promises attendees a unique blend of physical activity, wellness, and entertainment from 1pm to 7pm.

The day will begin with a warm welcome for all participants from the team at One Hundred Co., followed by a session aimed to motivate and energise. Energy drinks and tonics will be on offer to kick off your day. Attendees will also have the chance to engage in a revitalising yoga session, the perfect start to an action-packed day.

Special attention will be given to nutrition, a vital component of any fitness regimen. An expert nutritionist will be onsite to provide valuable insights on eating correctly for exercise and maintaining that regime well after the day’s events.

The physical challenge of the day involves a 2.2km loop around the hilly terrain of Marybank Estate. Individuals are encouraged to set personal goals—whether to complete the loop multiple times or at a certain pace. Participants can hike, run, or do a mixture of both during this 2 to 3-hour segment. Music from a live DJ, coupled with aid stations scattered around the route, will ensure participants remain in high spirits keep their energy levels up for the challenge!

Following the more physical side of things, the evening will shift to a more relaxed and rejuvenating atmosphere. Participants will have the opportunity to indulge in cold plunges, receive massages, and enjoy some recovery yoga to soothe tired muscles. Nutrition remains a theme with protein drinks available to aid recovery.

The day’s activities conclude with a well-deserved celebration. An array of healthy dinner stations will provide some great food options. Each meal comes with a choice of a non-alcoholic drink or wine, allowing everyone to toast to their achievements. The ambiance will remain lively, with music continuing into the evening, ensuring the party atmosphere while participants dine and mingle.

This specific event is not only a hiking challenge, it’s a platform for personal growth, providing tools and experiences that inspire participants to continue pursuing their wellness and fitness goals. It offers a unique opportunity to push personal boundaries in a supportive, community environment.

Tickets are available for purchase with an early bird discount until 30 June. Further details and registration can be found on the event’s official website at

Australia’s Premier Hikeathon
Sat 31 Aug 2024.
1pm – 8pm.
Marybank Estate.

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