Hindley Street set for $15m pedestrian friendly upgrade

Hindley Street is set to become more pedestrian friendly with a $15m upgrade, which includes wider footpaths, trees and much more.

The city’s infamous party strip is getting a facelift to ensure the street is more pedestrian friendly for those looking to hit the town.

The upcoming upgrade, inspired by the successful transformation between Morphett Street and West Terrace via the UniSA campus, boasts several notable enhancements. These include enhanced street lighting and CCTV coverage, strategically planted trees for increased shade, elevated garden beds, contemporary street furniture, and expanded pathways to accommodate outdoor dining.

The rejuvenation efforts will focus on the stretch between Morphett and King William streets, featuring extensive tree planting, upgraded lighting, and the expansion of pathways and pedestrian crossings. These plans were crafted through thorough community engagement, involving Hindley Street business proprietors and hotel managers.

“As most South Australians would know, Hindley Street desperately needs a refresh,” Lord Mayor Jane Lomax-Smith said.

“It was last upgraded in 1999, This long overdue revitalisation is about putting people first, as eight times more pedestrians than vehicles use Hindley Street at peak times.”

Further refinements to the designs will be made based on feedback from key stakeholders and the general public, with construction anticipated to commence by year-end. The proposed changes also entail narrowing Hindley Street to support a 30 km/h speed limit, alongside the installation of three pedestrian crossings, including a raised wombat crossing, to enhance safety.

This much-needed revitalisation priorities pedestrian comfort and safety, reflecting the overwhelming pedestrian traffic on Hindley Street during peak hours, which surpasses vehicle usage by eightfold.

Additionally, new public restroom facilities will replace existing ones in Produce Lane, following the demolition process in the coming months.

Coaches, taxi and ride-share pick-up and drop-offs will also have a new dedicated space which has been outlined near the Mayfair Hotel and Hotel Grand Chancellor.

To showcase the concept designs, drop-in sessions will be organised at the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra Grainger Studios on Hindley Street, catering to stakeholders on April 30 and opening to the public on May 2.

Final detailed designs are expected to be released later this year, with construction expected to start in early 2025.

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