Historic Wallis Cinemas Piccadilly closes for renovations

The iconic Wallis Cinemas Piccadilly shut its doors on 7 June following the announcement of a facelift coming to the historic site.

Header image: Wallis Cinemas Piccadilly.

If you’re from Adelaide, I’d imagine you’d be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t enjoyed a day at the flicks at North Adelaide’s own Wallis Cinemas Piccadilly.

The iconic cinema however has shut its doors, but not for long (phew), with a well deserved facelift for the venue underway.

The cinema closed on Monday 7 June following the announcement on Wallis Cinemas Piccadilly’s Facebook page, as they advertised the final screenings available before the renovations kicked off.

The iconic Adelaide cinema was built under the collaboration of Evans, Bruer and Hall from Adelaide, alongside Guy Crick from Sydney and was constructed before the onset of WWII.

The beloved cinema has been described in many ways, seeing people travel to experience a little slice of history in the jazz meets modern styled space on O’Connell Street.

Opening in October 1940, the Piccadilly cinema has maintained its beauty and form for almost a century, having just missed out on its 80th birthday celebrations last year due to COVID.

Perhaps the Wallis Cinemas Piccadilly facelift can be considered a birthday gift to the legendary site, and a thank you for the years of entertainment and legendary heritage.

While it’s unknown how long renovations will go on for, we hope it’s not too drawn-out with an epic lineup of movies set to hit the big screens in the second half of this year following big punters such as Disney’s Cruella and A Quiet Place II.

For now, we can only hope they do the cinema justice, so that it can live on for another 80 years of glorious cinematic experience.

To keep up with announcements from Wallis Cinemas Piccadilly, visit their Facebook page here.

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