Holden’s ‘Extreme’ Showing In Bangkok

You had me at “hello” GM Holden…

The brand borne out of Adelaide has hit a home run at the 37th Bangkok International Motor Show overnight with its launch of two Holden designed and built off-road show cars wearing a Chevrolet badge.

The 140 person strong GM Holden design team (ignore the fact they are based in “Mexico” – AKA Victoria) have fleshed out the rugged Trailblazer Premier 4×4 powerhouse of a dual cab utility and the stylish Colorado Xtreme for the show, which continues to gain attention on the motor show circuit, particularly when it comes to the popular dual-cab off-roader segment.

The Trailblazer lives up to its name. Not only is it a trailblazer in terms of how far Holden can push design and style to wow a crowd, it is right up there with the boldest of offerings in the adventure vehicle market as far as its look goes.

It takes the Colorado dual-cab ute – which, anecdotally, is out and about in high number in Adelaide and across Australia – to a new, and impressive, level when it comes to “eye pleasing”.

This Colorado-driving motoring guy is even prepared to drive across that border to get the Holden design team to do their wild thing on his wheels if they can come anywhere near that look.

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