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Holistic wellness hub Pillar of Light celebrates first birthday with free open day

Pillar of Light has is hosting an open day to celebrate its first birthday. There will be free sessions to experience yin yoga, iridology, tarot reading, massage and more.

In a fast-paced world where stress and anxiety can often feel like constant companions, self-care is so important. Tranquil hub, Pillar of Light in Welland, recognises this and is helping people embrace holistic wellness to look after themselves.

To spread the word and invite the community to experience the benefits firsthand, Pillar of Light is hosting a special Open Day on the 2nd of September, marking their first anniversary in the most uplifting way possible.

“This is a beautiful way to celebrate our first birthday. It gives us a chance to give back to the community and have our directors answer any questions people might have,” owner Harriet Moursellas says.  

Pillar of light plans to open its doors at 10am, welcoming newcomers to explore everything on offer at the Wellness studio for FREE. 

“This is for anyone who wants to feel and look better and have more passion and vitality in their life. It’s almost like a tasting plate to see what people might like,” Harriet says.

The open day promises an array of special offers, from sauna and meditation chair passes to discounts on retail items. There will also be a kid’s corner for creative mandala drawings. 

Pillar of Light will have an exciting pop-up tea bar, where people can sample a variety of their hot and cold teas from the blends crafted in-house. 

Nine health and wellness practitioners will set up in the Shangri-La Garden – a tranquil oasis with natural plants, sun gongs, and enchanting fairy lights. It will give a taste of holistic healing for those who are new to the concept. 

It’s a chance for people to dip their toes into various healing modalities – from yin yoga and mindfulness therapy to iridology and tarot reading. Plus, there will be a jewellery maker, chiropractor, massage therapist, and nutritionist ready to show you their specialty on the day. 

Every practitioner’s service is offered free of charge on this day, making it a genuine gift to the community.

As Pillar of Light rings in its first year of business, the open day serves as a celebration and a token of gratitude for the community’s support. Harriet highlights the significance of this milestone, particularly in a challenging global climate.

“Our wellness hub is big and has grown over the year. We’ve been able to maintain and sustain that, which is great,” Harriet says. 

Saturday the 2nd of September will be a great chance to see Pillar of Light in action and everything it can offer. 

Open Day
Where: Pillar of Light, 3/84 Grange Road Welland
When: Saturday 2nd of September from 10am – 4pm
Price: FREE
For more information on Pillar of Light, head here.

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