Hollywood Plaza’s $15 million upgrade nears completion

Hollywood Plaza, a beloved retail centre in Salisbury Downs, is nearing the completion of its impressive $15 million upgrade.

Hollywood Plaza, a beloved retail centre in Salisbury Downs, is nearing the completion of its impressive $15 million upgrade.

The renovation project, initiated by LAS Group after their acquisition in 2022, has witnessed significant progress, with several notable improvements already in place.

The ongoing upgrade has already delivered the following enhancements:

  1. Solar Installation: The installation of 4000 solar panels to promote sustainable energy consumption.
  2. Food Court Refurbishment: A revamped food court area offering an improved dining experience.
  3. Amenities Upgrade: Complete modernization of amenities, including three Men’s and Women’s facilities, three parents’ rooms, and two disabled toilets.
  4. Entrance Enhancements: Two new main entrances have been added, enhancing the plaza’s aesthetics (note: signage installation is pending).
  5. Playground: A new children’s playground for families to enjoy.
  6. Air Conditioning Upgrade: Replacement of 50% of the air conditioning units with more efficient systems.

In addition to these upgrades, Hollywood Plaza has introduced a new service by adding a MyCar to its offerings, catering to a broader spectrum of customer needs.

The idea behind the Hollywood Plaza upgrade is about not only offering customers modern facilities and services but also aiming to encourage the community to continue supporting their local shopping centre.

The transformation aligns with South Australia’s government goals of achieving net-zero carbon by 2050, positioning Hollywood Plaza as one of Adelaide’s first carbon-neutral shopping destinations. As a testament to the commitment towards sustainability, the installation of solar panels, energy-efficient lighting, and water-saving fixtures contributes to a greener shopping environment.

The upgrades currently underway are just the beginning of Hollywood Plaza’s transformation. The management is actively considering further development plans to enhance the centre even more in the future, ensuring it remains a vibrant hub for the local community.

LAS Group Managing Director Les Smith views the Hollywood Plaza project as a significant milestone for the company. The strategic expansion into Adelaide is propelling LAS Group into its next phase of growth, setting ambitious yet achievable sustainability goals. The company’s confidence in South Australia’s long-term growth potential aligns with population projections, which estimate the City of Salisbury’s population to reach 153,520 by 2036.

Hollywood Plaza is home to major retailers such as Coles, Woolworths, Target, along with 6 mini-majors and 70 specialty stores. With the ongoing upgrades and commitment to both existing and new tenants, the plaza will offer a diverse range of consumer goods across beauty and health, sport, electronics, fashion, food, homewares, and various services.

Hollywood Plaza
Where: Cnr Spains Road and, Winzor St, Salisbury Downs SA 5108
More info: Click here

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