Holy Holy return to Fat Controller to launch "Darwinism" • Glam Adelaide

Holy Holy return to Fat Controller to launch “Darwinism”


holy-holyHoly Holy have slowly risen to become one of the critically acclaimed rock acts in the Australian industry. With Tim Carroll’s incisive lyrics and pristine enunciation, softly layered upon the band’s exceptional musicianship, it’s little wonder the act appeals to discerning audiences as well as notable rock alumni such as Liam Gallagher.

The band is playing Fat Controller this Thursday night on the back of their latest single Darwinism. The track came together after the band had jammed out the background riff while on tour. Carroll explains, “I locked myself in the bathroom and was making some recordings on my phone.  I felt straight away it could work as a full band track. ” Not long after, Carroll and guitarist Oscar Dawson built on the skeleton of the track he had laid out, in a small London studio and down the track horns and other arrangements were grafted onto the arrangement. Dawson noted that the horns brought a refreshing element to the band’s composition process, “we wanted the horns to be textural, using a band like The National or Radiohead as examples.”

Check out the band’s dark, minimalist film clip for Darwinism below, (which looks like it’s spliced with offcuts from David Lynch’s Eraserhead) before heading down to the show at Fat Controller.

Having seen the act once before, we would very highly recommend it for fans of top shelf classy indie rock, in the vein of Death Cab for Cutie, The National and Interpol. The band’s tour supports include the hypnotic soft-pop act I Know Leopard which features a couple of ex Adelaidians and rising star Alex L’Estrange, rounding out a great night of music.


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