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Home-cooked dinner’s sorted with The Prep House

SA family owned business, The Prep House is bringing chef-prepared meals into homes across the state.

South Australian family-owned and run business, The Prep House has long been servicing the hospitality industry by supplying their deliciously pre-prepared meals to restaurants and hotels across the state.

But what a lot of locals may not know is that these professional chefs also offer up a range of delicious meals for folks to heat at home.

Priding themselves on high standards and consistency, the business is run by chef Alek Pugh and his wife Monica, who explains that the idea to offer ‘heat and eat’ meals to the public came from her own experience of the food itself.

“Just over 4 years ago, we were approached by a glamping company in the west to send over ready meals for their chefs to serve in the middle of nowhere”, Monica said.

“Alek began bringing these home for our dinners and it was the BEST THING EVER – so when he brought butter chicken, bolognese and the other of these camping meals home – life for this non-cooker was instantly easier!”

“We knew we wanted to offer them to every family so they could spend more time connecting rather than prepping and cooking in the evenings”, Monica continued. 

Their family-friendly dinner offerings ensure that all members of the household are catered for, from the littlest and fussiest, to their grandparents, and all the foodies in between.

Thai green curry, roast vegetable lasagna, oriental coconut fish and mixed berry and apple crumble are just a sampling of their most-watering offerings.

“All they have to do is add their preferred accompaniment – no recipes, no other purchases, no contracts, no stress. My teenagers often prepare dinner for the family now. It’s freaking gold!”, Monica said.

Professional chef and co-owner Alek came to Australia after representing Poland at the Sydney Olympics in field hockey.

Speaking very little English at the time, he got a job washing dishes at the Seacliff Hotel and rose through the industry to eventually become and Executive Chef for 11 other hotels, before settling into the family business.

Their range quickly expanded to over 40 menu items available to take-home, keeping the business operating during the pandemic, with so many requiring take home meals.

“Now-days, we deliver a lot to folks in iso and those that are just trying to avoid the big supermarkets”, Monica said.

“The quality and consistency that kept us in high regard in the food industry has now built up amongst the families of Adelaide, the campers, the busy, the folks who hate cooking and people who just need to feed people”, she said.

“The best though has been all the lovely customers who come in and tell us how we have made their evenings easier. That’s the best. I’m hoping they are relaxing more… chatting more… and just enjoying home time with one small job taken over”.

Customers are available to head to The Prep House kitchen outlet to view and purchase fresh items available on the day, or order online for click and collect or delivery.

To check out their full range of meals and products and order online, head to The Prep House website.

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